Assessment & Planning

No project gets off to a good start without a thorough assessment of the problem and potential for improvement. This can be as simple as a one day site visit to provide insight on how to approach the project from a design and funding perspective to multi day topography, hydrology, hydraulic, soils and biotic surveys. Call and let us know what the issues are and we can provide a perspective on what information you will need and how to move forward.

Here are some Assessment types we specialize in:

  • Geomorphic, Hydrologic an Hydraulic Analysis
  • Fisheries, Aquatic and Riparian Habitat Analysis
  • GIS Mapping and Analysis
  • Stream bed and Bank Stability
  • Sediment Supply and Transport
  • Weed Management Planning
  • Watershed and River Master Planning
  • Fish Passage

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Our design efforts take into account both the goals of the clients as well as the stream functions at the site. Our philosophy is that in most cases the needs of both can be incorporated together to provide multiple benefits from the project. Use of ecological and geomorphic principles in the design process can reduce initial cost, long term maintenance costs and help to avoid permitting conflicts that can arise from standard engineering design. We provide sealed construction documents with a heavy emphasis on specifications that make it easier for the contractor to understand the goals of the project and provide a well informed bid to the client.

Here are some examples of design capabilities:

  • Stream Restoration and Enhancement
  • Erosion Control and Sediment Reduction
  • Bank Stabilization and Bioengineering
  • Fish Habitat Structures
  • Hydraulic Structures
  • Stormwater Drainage Infrastructure

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NCD Engineering provides training in stream geomorphology in the Southwest. Check Our Workshop Page for dates and more information. We can also work with you to provide classes in your area to reduce travel time and expense. We focus on three main areas of training:

  • Recognizing and measuring ‘Bankfull’ conditions in the southwest along with the Rosgen Channel Classification System
  • Utilizing shear stress, bank erosion rates, channel conditions and vegetation to understand stream stability for assessment and monitoring
  • Utilization of bioengineering techniques in combination with geomorphology to improve habitat conditions and stream stability

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Permitting & Compliance 

Nearly all of our projects over the last two decades have required permitting of one type or another. We have plenty of experience with Federal Clean Water Act compliance, National Environmental Policy Act compliance as well as local and state agency compliance. Let us help you understand and effectively navigate the permit and compliance system for your project. We provide wetland delineation, determination of waters of the US, hydrology studies for floodplain use permits, stormwater pollution prevention plans, Section 404 permit applications as well as biological evaluations when necessary.

NCD Engineering can additionally provide guidance as to which grant programs might be most applicable to your project and we can provide grant writing services if needed.

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Geospatial Analysis

Today’s environmental engineering and management projects call for spatially explicit data efficiency and compliance. We can leverage large datasets or site-collected data for project to landscape assessment and monitoring. Some of our specialties are:

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Cartography
  • LiDAR-derived topographic surfaces
  • UAV-collected aerial photography and cinematography
  • Satellite-derived multispectral imagery analysis
  • Project suitability and site prioritization
  • 3D-colorized surface modeling from UAV imagery
  • Environmental change detection

We leverage data for landscape assessment and restoration monitoring. Call or email us today to discuss augmenting your project with spatial data, or how it can be the basis of your next project. Gain new insights to your project, with unprecedented detail.

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Our Past Projects

We specialize in Civil Engineering and Natural Resource Planning projects across Arizona, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico.